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● Make your “fair” help good & make your “good” help great.

● Get what you want out of every hourly dollar you pay your employees.

● Make the staff you already have invaluable just by telling them what you really want & need from them.

 Email copy of employee’s evaluation to other supervisors for their comments, additions & changes & have digital copy emailed back to you! Your employee handbook can be an invaluable organizational tool … or an employment lawsuit waiting to happen. Check out our guideline to help you complete yours today!

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● Improve efficiency.

● Save hours upon hours of time.

Different positions require different performance appraisal forms allowing you to be specific which is what in turn, makes less work for you! Let the forms do the work for you!

Save a digital copy of each employee’s evaluation allowing you to go back year after year, just make changes and print!

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Stop stressing over employee performance evaluations! We all know it’s hard to find good help.

Our best seller “Medical Employee Performance Evaluation Forms” capture everything you need to evaluate employees in a medical setting, from clinical capabilities to sterilizing instruments, stocking medical supplies, to rapport with the patients & development of x rays. 

The Performance Evaluation Form Pros

AboutI am Practice Manager for a large medical practice in Upstate New York. With 20 years experience, I will make having to write and give performance reviews painless by giving you the words and phrases you need to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses that won't leave your employees confused! Unfortunately, some office managers will skip reviews altogether because they have difficulty being honest with their employees.
When done properly, the review process can improve performance … open lines of communication … and develop employee potential, making even your poorest performers invaluable. If done wrong, or not at all, it can leave you unarmed against your problem employees (we all have them) who will insist they were never told by you (their manager) about any of their deficiencies. This could leave the door open to potential lawsuits for wrongful termination. Take a more confident, professional stance in your performance reviews AND get more out of your employees. Give your employees the feedback they need to be a better employee. Assuming an employee knows they have a certain deficiency because they’ve been spoken to once or twice about it is just about the worst thing any manager can do. They may not realize the importance of improvement if they do not see it in writing. Fill in our performance reviews right on your computer! In just minutes, you'll start to feel confident that you can improve the performance & success of your business by giving performance appraisals that touch on the very core of each position’s responsibilities. Imagine finishing your next round of reviews with clearly established expectations, specific data and no misinterpretation!

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Almost everything on this list was applicable to the office I work in. I can't wait to see the look on my employer's face when I show them how I'm going to save them a ton of money.

Ashley, Horizon Data Storage, NY
The “Bible” of your practice should be your office manual. This is your own set of rules, regulations & policies and should include everything from telephone etiquette, to employee evaluation standards, to sterilization techniques, etc.

Barry H. Block, D.P.M, JD
Author of 50 Ways to Lose Your License
Who doesn't have the habit of "sugarcoating" mistakes when speaking to an employee? It's imperative that everyone is on the same page in order for any performance appraisal to be useful and constructive~ these forms do just that!

Angela, Atlanta, GA
I have always had trouble being tactful and honest at the same time. Medical Performance Review forms speak for me. They say exactly what I need to let my employees know without actually speaking a word.

Melissa, Dermatology Associates, CA
Dear Office Press, As a manager for over 25 years I can tell you that this is the first time I'm not dreading performance reviews. Your product has made my job that much easier. Standard review forms don’t reflect properly the jobs and challenges of medical offices. Your product is right on target and more! I especially love how you can customize the forms and save a digital copy. Your evaluation results---- Exceeds standards

Carol, The LoVerme Center for Plastic Surgery, NJ