Performance Evaluation Form Phrases


So you've chosen the perfect performance review forms, but you still have to fill in the "comments" fields to highlight those areas in which they've excelled or need to improve on! Can't find the right words? We can help. Need something not too harsh, but not too sugar-coated?

Providing honest feedback is not only necessary for both a company & its employees, but it's imperative! Thorough documentation is a must these days.

No Rocket Science Needed!

With my ”50 most effective bullet phrases”, I am going to make this so easy for you; the only thing you’ll have to do is change the names, copy & paste into the reviews forms & print! Just $14.95.

50 Effective Phrases

50 of the most effective bullet phrases for performance reviews: Ready to use at your fingertips! Just plug into our standard or medical performance review forms.

For $14.95, you can download in seconds a list of 50 performance review phrases that are sure to cover each employee you are evaluating.

We also offer packages that contain several coordinating products for your office at an economical price. Just click the link below.

Our Proven Blueprint

Now! Write (or copy & paste) the most perfect phrases for performance appraisal forms. If you get stumped on what to write in the "comments" areas, you are like all the rest of us! What can you say without destroying your employees confidence?

There are many performance appraisal methods, but the most compelling performance evaluations are those that are well written. Check out the words for performance appraisals we chose by clicking on the sample employee review phrases.

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Almost everything on this list was applicable to the office I work in. I can't wait to see the look on my employer's face when I show them how I'm going to save them a ton of money.

Ashley, Horizon Data Storage, NY
The “Bible” of your practice should be your office manual. This is your own set of rules, regulations & policies and should include everything from telephone etiquette, to employee evaluation standards, to sterilization techniques, etc.

Barry H. Block, D.P.M, JD
Author of 50 Ways to Lose Your License
Who doesn't have the habit of "sugarcoating" mistakes when speaking to an employee? It's imperative that everyone is on the same page in order for any performance appraisal to be useful and constructive~ these forms do just that!

Angela, Atlanta, GA
I have always had trouble being tactful and honest at the same time. Medical Performance Review forms speak for me. They say exactly what I need to let my employees know without actually speaking a word.

Melissa, Dermatology Associates, CA
Dear Office Press, As a manager for over 25 years I can tell you that this is the first time I'm not dreading performance reviews. Your product has made my job that much easier. Standard review forms don’t reflect properly the jobs and challenges of medical offices. Your product is right on target and more! I especially love how you can customize the forms and save a digital copy. Your evaluation results---- Exceeds standards

Carol, The LoVerme Center for Plastic Surgery, NJ